Hilarious DRM-hypocrisy by Rockstar

May 15, 2010

A friend of mine sent me this link which I think is hilariuos! Apperently the company that created the ”Max Payne”-series of PC-games, Rockstar, used a cracked executable file with their own product when they adapted ”Max Payne 2” for the Steam online gaming network.

The image in the forum thread shows the logo of a cracking group called ”Myth” displayed in one of the executable files that are installed on your computer when you download the game from Steam. This is a perfect example of the software industry hypocrisy. They are pushing this DRM-crap onto the people who are willing to pay for the content and when they port their older games for the Steam community to be able to sell the same product all over again but over a new media, they themselves find it a nuisance! It is clear that even the game developers appreciate the work of the rogue programmers.

Cracks, computer programs written specifically to circumvent the lame DRM-protections implemented by software companies to prevent unwanted copying, are developed by online groups of skilled programmers around the globe. These cracking teams, although anonymous, are often rewarded with appreciation and respect by file sharers that want to be able to make copies of their often legally purchased game CD’s. Another common reason for using a crack on an installtion is that gamers want to be able to play their games without having to have their discs constantly buzzing in their CD-slots. For example, anyone who has played the epic Diablo II/LoD game suite from Blizzard Entertainment knows of the jet engine-like sound from the CD’s during gameplay… extremely irritating!

Thanks to zagamoffen and DarK“_ for bringing this to my attention!


10 Responses to “Hilarious DRM-hypocrisy by Rockstar”

  1. Looter Says:

    umm.. Max Payne e gjort av finska remedy inte amerikanska tockstar.

    • harfagre Says:

      Är du säker? Jag har visserligen inte själv koll, har bara använt forumtråden som källa. Det kan inte vara som i fallet med Svenska Dice/EA? Där står väl EA för finansieringen och Dice för utvecklingen.

  2. Var det inte 3DRealms som låg bakom det?

  3. zagamoffen Says:

    “Title: Max Payne 2
    Genre: Action
    Developer: Remedy Entertainment
    Publisher: Rockstar Games
    Release Date: 14 Oct 2003
    Languages: English”

    Källa: Steam.

  4. DarK Says:

    Hi hafragre,

    Glad I was able to help you with the laugh or your politician pirate group. Keep up the good work and Rockstar: F*** Y** 🙂



  5. DarK Says:

    No problem! And I will vote for the “Piratenpartij” as they are called in Dutch on June 13th! Think and vote pirate! ARRRRRR!

    By the way: What’s the difference between The Piratebay and Princess Diana?

    People actually care when The Piratebay crashes.


  6. […] skriver om att Rockstar använder cracks för att ta sig runt sitt eget DRM. Det här är bara hysteriskt roligt, även om det är ett viktigt ämne i botten. DRM-produkter […]

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